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    • Was£5.00 £12.00
    • Now£2.50 £6.00
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  • Cadburys

    Giant milk chocolate 'Dairy Milk' Easter egg

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    Product Price

    • Was£14.00
    • Now£7.00
  • Cadburys

    Large milk chocolate caramel Easter egg

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    Product Price

    • Was£12.00
    • Now£6.00

1kg 'Dairy Milk' chocolate bar

Item No.


Cadbury's 1kg Dairy Milk bar is made with Fairtrade certified cocoa, ensuring that disadvantaged small-scale farmers in developing countries receive a fair deal.

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Product Price

  • Was£10.00
  • Now£5.00
  • Now£3.00

Product details

  • You should always read the label before consuming the product and never rely solely on the information presented here
  • 1kg

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